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slightly adv
1 to a small degree or extent; "his arguments were somewhat self-contradictory"; "the children argued because one slice of cake was slightly larger than the other" [syn: somewhat]
2 in a slim or slender manner; "a slenderly built woman"; "slightly built" [syn: slenderly, slimly]

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  1. To a small extent or degree.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

a bit, a little, barely, by a hair, by an ace, ever so little, exiguously, extremely, faintly, fairly, feebly, frugally, hardly, imperfectly, in a measure, in a nutshell, in a way, in miniature, in some measure, in the small, inappreciably, inconsequentially, insignificantly, just a bit, kind of, lightly, little, marginally, meagerly, minimally, minutely, negligibly, not hardly, only just, poorly, pretty, punily, quite, rather, scantily, scarcely, small, smally, somewhat, sort of, sparely, sparingly, tant soit peu, to a degree, to some extent, triflingly, very, weakly
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